The MusicXML Library

MusicXML is a music interchange format designed for notation, analysis, retrieval, and performance applications. The MusicXML format has been developped by Recordare. It is open for use by anyone under a royalty-free license. It actually constitutes the most promising solution for music score interchange.

The MusicXML library is a portable C++ library designed close to the MusicXML format and intended to facilitate MusicXML support.

The MusicXML library is an open source project hosted on Source Forge. The library provides conversion from/to memory representation and MusicXML format. Since the format is primarily designed for interchange, conversions to other music representation formats are going along with the library: the GUIDO format is already supported and corresponding conversion tools included in the library.

WARNING ! The MusicXML Library source code has moved to another repository.

The MusicXML library originates from a work conducted by the Grame Computer Music Research Lab. in the context of the IMUTUS project.
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