The MusicXML Library

MusicXML is a music interchange format designed for notation, analysis, retrieval, and performance applications. The MusicXML format has been initialy developped by Recordare. It is open for use by anyone under a royalty-free license.

The MusicXML library is a portable C++ library designed close to the MusicXML format and intended to facilitate MusicXML support.

The MusicXML library is an open source project hosted on Source Forge and github. The library provides conversion from/to memory representation and MusicXML format. Since the format is primarily designed for interchange, conversions to other music representation formats are going along with the library: the GUIDO format is already supported and the corresponding conversion tool is included in the library.

You should use the github repository to get the source code.

The MusicXML library originates from a work conducted by the Grame Computer Music Research Lab. in the context of the IMUTUS [IST-2001-32270] project.
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